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White privilege is truly sickening. Quit your whining and take your wins with your losses. Better yet, take responsibility for not being able to police your rudeness and lewd behaviors.

Male privilege stinks up society, but what is further troubling is when there is numbness to such offense. When a diabolical number of people become “comfortable” with men behaving badly, then we have lost a sense of decorum, and humanity spirals into a cesspool of unsolicited penises.


Men, call out your penis-sharers. What if your 12-year-old daughter, researching a paper for school, clicks on a message in an inbox, and there lies the shortcomings of some pervert? Intrusion of privacy is a crime, and maltreatment of one’s rights isn’t a rite of passage. Power doesn’t mean you can enter unwelcome and unasked.

It is time that privileged men grow up and stop sucking their thumbs and pulling their penises out when life becomes hard. However, what I posit to bold, brave women, is to use the most powerful word in the English language with two strong letters — “NO!" When our no becomes louder than the ding on the direct messenger, then and only then will womanhood gain the power to overturn male privilege. A mind-blowing, fearless f off. The sad man’s frown shows his own lack of ability to keep it up without preying on others.

Women aren’t sensitive creatures whose eyes need to be carefully covered when observing such atrocities. Womanhood defines fortitude and facilitates the growth of humanity and nature; we are the birthers of that little penis, nurturing and washing such behinds. Keep your creepy, sweaty, whitewashed balls off our 12-inch screens.


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