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Tom Hanks played Fox News Channel host Chris Wallace on SNL, moderating a gut-wrenching presidential debate between Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton — and then played a hilarious Trump supporter on “Black Jeopardy," where he bonded with fellow black contestants over their distrust of government and skinny women. But neither of those skits were Hanks' best performances — that is reserved for David S. Pumpkins.

Hanks seems to have never grown out of his ability to make us laugh. Dressed in a pumpkin-patterned blazer with sexy dancers behind him in skeletal leotards, Pumpkins continues to surprise and annoy guests Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett. The sketch is based on the “100 Floors Of Fright,” a haunted elevator ride. But surprise — 73 of 100 floors are David S. Pumpkins! Hanks dances in his pumpkin costume with a giddy smile, making us all smile over the ridiculousness.


It's the pure absurdity of the sketch that people immediately loved. The exasperated guests, after watching Pumpkins dance floor after floor, ask, “Why did you go all in on David Pumpkins?”

The answer is perfect, “Because it’s David Pumpkins. Any questions?”

McKinnon confused, “Yeah, and David Pumpkins is ... ?”

“His own thing!”

“And the skeletons are ... ?”

“PART OF IT!” the skeletons shouted proudly!

Who is David S. Pumpkins? That's the hilarious bewildering question that stormed the internet. Pumpkins became an overnight sensation, sparking memes, gifs, and Halloween costumes. 

The sketch may be a bit irrelevant but it gave us something silly to laugh over in a very dark election season. Check it out below:

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Photo from Youtube 

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