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There’s a new Gilmore Girls trailer, and there’s a lot packed into the two minutes and 26 seconds. Rory is Jack Kerouac-ing, Lorelai is bantering with Luke, Emily Gilmore is Kon Mari-ing, Paris is rolling her eyes, Lane is drumming, Suki is spilling icing in a pornographic way, and Jess, Dean and Logan all make appearances.

But what I noticed most is that one thing about the Gilmores hasn’t changed — the trailer shows the Gilmore girls eating or mentioning SO MUCH JUNK FOOD. Here’s a list:

Chinese takeout


Greek takeout

Italian takeout


Pop tarts

Benihana’s Teppanyaki: Grill of Death

More coffee

Tater tots (organic!)


Mini donuts

Peyote (does this count?)



Whiskey (or Scotch? IDK)

Even more coffee

Here's the trailer:


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