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“Oh yeah, I’m ‘going in this like a bitch.’” Samantha Bee, reigning queen of political commentary, declared last night, paraphrasing a portion of Trump’s notorious leaked Access Hollywood tapes. Bee, never the type to shy away from the tough topics, tackled this latest example of Donald Trump’s awfulness.

“Taking a Tic Tac and grabbing them by the pussy is the closest thing to a plan Donald Trump has described this entire election,” Bee snaps, explaining that Trump's words are an explicit description of sexual assault, not just a couple of “lewd” comments.

Unlike most news organizations who only used the soundbite of the private conversation with former NBC reporter Billy Bush, Bee showed us the next half of the footage — Bush and Trump behaving like two "hyenas" when they see Arianne Zucker, as they refer to the actress as “it” and drool over her legs. “In less than a minute, these two leering dildos turned their rape culture banter into a rape culture power move that demeaned and violated Zucker,” Bee refers to the moment when Trump and Bush got off the bus and greeted the actress, pressuring her into giving them hugs.

Samantha Bee’s not afraid to admit that women have experienced this kind of behavior before — this abuse of power is nothing new — but by slamming Trump for his insincere apology, Bee reminds us that this aggressive mysogyny is seriously fucked up and Trump's awful words should not be explained away. Ladies, we’ve got to grab Donald by the ballot box on November 8th.

Watch the rest of her biting monologue below:  


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