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Samantha Bee hilariously and viciously tears apart Fox News on the latest episode of Full Frontal. She rejoices in the resignation of Fox News' former chairman Roger Ailes, amid reports of sexual harassment from previous employees, Gretchen Carlson and Kellie Boyle.

Carlson, who was the news network's former anchor, revealed that Ailes fired her after she refused to comply with his sexual advances. Then later, Boyle came forward and reported to investigators that Ailes harassed her earlier in her career.


In her searing attack, Bee exposes Fox News' pervy underbelly by revealing how Fox News is the only 24-hour news network that “strategically placed leg cams to showcase the most qualified body parts of its female contributors.” Its viewers are provided with the experience of being sexually aroused while being fed fear and propaganda 24 hours of every day! Maybe there is some hope in the future of Fox News in the wake of Ailes' resignation.

Hallelujah, right? Not so fast. Trump has subtly hinted that his 'good friend' Roger Ailies may become one of his advisers. The sexualization and harassment of women on Fox News offers a glimpse of what a Donald Trump presidency could entail.


To watch it in full, see below:



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