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John Oliver did what he does best and hilariously destroyed Donald Trump (and several other terrible members of the GOP) in his recap of the RNC “the most apocalyptic event” that has ever happened in Cleveland. Oliver was off the air during the time of the RNC, and boy did he make up for it. Repeatedly.

Perhaps the funniest bit of the whole video is Oliver’s discussion of what certain members of the GOP deem to “fact,” if only to back it up with how they feel. For example, Newt Gingrich argued that violent crime across the country isn’t down, despite being presented with statistics that they are down, because some people feel less safe. Another gem was poking fun at Antonio Sabata Jr., who still insists that Obama is Muslim (not that his religion should make a difference on his presidential credibility in the first place), because that's just how he feels. Seems solid.


See for yourself.


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