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The writers at Saturday Night Live have a long hilarious road ahead of them. And the only kinda positive thing to come out of the blood-curdling, screaming nightmare of the Republican campaign is we occasionally get some comedy out of it. With a long way to go until SNL returns in October, the writers couldn’t pass up the material of sheer comedy gold that the Republican National Convention hands directly to them. So the good people of NBC did a special Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che commentating on the shit show that ensued.

The special provided some top notch skits including Kate McKinnon as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Chris Matthews calling Che "the funniest black guy on SNL." But the real crux of the convention was when Michael Che went around the convention trying to find minorities in the segment is called Trumpemon Go. In the segment, Che uses the app used to collect rare Pokemon desperately searching to find some minority support for Trump. As you can imagine, he comes up short. The segment is well done and even has a Trump graphic with the catch phrase “Catch em all - get ’em out of here,” that shouldn't be missed!



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