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After the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, many Americans think it isn’t so far-fetched that Trump could win. But “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee explained why the outcome of Brexit—a campaign many believe was driven largely by racism and xenophobia—doesn’t mean Trump will win November’s presidential election.



Bee said that the parallels between the UK and the U.S. aren’t as strong as they might seem. She noted that since the UK hasn’t dealt with large-scale immigration for most of its existence, it’s less diverse than the U.S. This lack of diversity contributes to the xenophobia that drove the Brexit vote.


She said that while American voters could fall for the same trap Brexit voters did and elect Trump, American diversity will make it harder.


"Trump’s brand of right-wing, racist, anti-immigrant demagoguery isn’t American," Bee said. "It’s a European import. And if we’re smart, we’ll stop it at the border and send it back where it came from."



Plus, Bee says, America has something the UK lacks: evangelical Christians who will embrace refugees.


“Thank God! Yeah, you heard that right!” Bee said.


See the full video below:

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