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Samantha Bee nails it again with her latest video on the gun control debate and the ridiculousness that is the GOP. A 15-hour filibuster was hosted by the Senate Democrats on Monday, which let to a vote on four gun control measures. None of these measures passed, by the way, and Bee had something to say about it. 


On Full Frontal Monday night, Samantha Bee explained why these measures were voted down, despite the fact that the vast majority of responders in a CNN poll want expanded background checks, and a ban for those on the terrorist watch list and felons from purchasing guns. The reason is the NRA.

In Samantha Bee fashion, she peppers her facts about GOP member support of the NRA (Mitch McConnell saw hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NRA in his reelection bid) with some insult gems towards our favorite members of the GOP, like calling Trump a “screaming carrot demon” and Ted Cruz a “rodent-faced soup sponge.”

She then explains that the GOP hasn’t always been a puppet of the NRA, considering George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan openly spoke out for gun control. But Bee is right: “There’s nothing like getting shot to put you on the side of gun control.”

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Screenshot from Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

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