samantha bee

The ever fabulous feminist comedian Samantha Bee unleashed her frustration last night about the lack of action to address mass shootings in the United States. She refused to follow what she called “the standard operating procedure after a massacre” of delivering a sweet and well-meaning message of love. Instead, the host of TBS’s Full Frontal went on a rant that questioned why in hell a man with a history of wife beating, homophobia, and extremist views was able to legally buy a gun that shoots forty-five rounds a minute.

As Obama explained recently, people who are known ISIL sympathizers can legally be placed on the no-fly list, and yet they cannot be prohibited from buying a gun. When it comes to getting semiautomatic assault rifles out of the hands of civilians, Samantha Bee says “these high capacity penis substitutes are a shitty choice for hunting and home protection, but perfect for portable mayhem!” 


She also called out Governor Rick Scott of Florida for dodging questions about how to address mass shootings and for claiming that our best way to handle this tragedy is to pray. Seriously, Rick Scott?

Check out the video below.



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