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In the latest episode of Inside Amy Schumer, the show’s host and Jake Gyllenhaal team up for a hilarious paradoy of the hit MTV show, Catfish. Under the name “Katfish,” the spoof show’s two-man crew, including Paul Downs of Broad City, join Amy to bust Jake for “catfishing” her on a ferret fanatics chat room.

Amy explains to the hosts of “Katfish,” that “Jake” introduced himself as the actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, and immediately told her she is “the most beautiful woman” he has ever seen. Fake-Nev Schulman looks intently at her and confirms that the compliment is a “major red flag.” Angry and determined to get her own MTV spin-off, Amy storms up to the “catfisher’s” building with the TV crew, only to find the real Jake Gyllenhaal himself elated to meet her, ferret in hand.

The plot thickens as Amy becomes enraged at the actor for ruining her chances for stardom on MTV, and Jake reveals a secret to unravel their potential chat room-borne love. Check out the full clip below:



Image via Comedy Central.

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