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Finally! The fourth season of Inside Amy Schumer starts tonight. The last nine months of Inside Amy Schumer-less programming on TV have left a gaping hole in my heart. All I can say is thank god for YouTube, because I've devoted much of my time to rewatching old favorite sketches from the show. I've spent hours laughing out loud from reliving some of the best moments of the past three seasons. We have still a few more hours of waiting, so sit back and enjoy our top picks for the best Inside Amy Schumer sketches. 

Important note: It was beyond difficult to narrow down a manageable list of favorites because let's face it, everything A-Schu does is hilarious. These sketches appear in no particular order.


"Sex Tips"

Season 1

How many of us have read through the Cosmo sex tips with our gal pals and laughed uncontrollably at how absurd they are? Guilty. Sometimes you wonder if they're actively trying to sound ridiculous or if they're actually taking it all seriously. Schumer and her gang do a hilarious parody of these insane sex tips in this awesome sketch. 

Favorite Line: "So you dress like a Boy Scout but only from the bottom down and then you sit on his knee and queef."

"Last Fuckable Day"

Season 3

This sketch is amazing not only because of it's a hilarious take on the entertainment industry's silly exclusion of "older" women. It also guest stars three fucking queens: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Patricia Arquette, and Tina Fey. Amazingness overload.

Favorite line: "Believe me, no one was more surprised than me that they let me stay fuckable throughout my 40s AND the fact that it continued into my 50s. It was just like thanks, but I thought US Weekly had made some sort of clerical error or something."

"Bridal Shower"

Season 1

If you've ever sat through an excruciating bridal shower, you'll appreciate the constant one-upmanship of Amy and her friends in this hilarious skit. I also love their nod to all the insane things that vibrators do these days, from synching to your Facebook to acting as a hotspot.

Favorite line: "You know mine also functions as a mezuzah for when you and Adam get a place."

"Mom Computer Therapy"

Season 2

I love comedy that makes you think, "Holy shit this is just too fucking real." This sketch definitely induces those thoughts as Amy gets coached by her therapist while she helps her mom with her computer. Being raised by a mother who forgets how to turn on her computer and who is also a very successful and gift therapist, I feel like I can doubly appreciate this one.

Favorite line: "Obviously that triggered you, but it's because you allowed it. And you will not allow it."


"Football Town Nights"

Season 3

As someone who never understood the obsession with Friday Night Lights because sports dramas are disgusto barfo, I love this parody so much. Plus Josh Charles (aka Will from The Good Wife) as a guest star is yummy yummy. 

Favorite line: "No raping? But Coach, we play football!"

"One Night Stand"

Season 1

This sketch gives us a side-by-side look at how Amy and her man experience the aftermath of a one night stand very differently. Let's be honest, we've all been on both sides.

Favorite line: "Here's the craziest thing about last night: Like his body felt like home."

"Finger Blasters"

Season 2

There are a lot of hilarious parts in this commercial parody, but I think my favorite thing about it is Amy's hair. What can I say; I dig the dorky mom look. 

Favorite line: "Finger blasting is the perfect thing to hold them over until they're ready for something more serious...Like dinner."

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