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Happy 4/20 BUSTies! Even if you don’t celebrate the holidaze, comedy is universal. The Time Traveling Bong, a three-part mini-series premiering tonight on Comedy Central, stars Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Paul Downs as Sharee and Jeff. As you can imagine, the story is built around a bong that has super metaphysical properties that make time travel possible after blazing.

So basically they both get really stoned and are transported through the space-time continuum. Conflict arises as the bong shatters, warping the ability to travel effectively back to the present. On top of all of this, they're getting really stoned, so imagine intensity ontop of intensity. I wouldn’t write this one off as a bong-riddled stoner comedy though, because if we know Glazer, there is intentionality and genius behind the chaos that ensues.


Watch the trailer and catch it tonight, tomorrow, and Friday at 10:30pm EST.

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