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Blow the dust off your Book of Shadows, Charmed may be coming back to TV!

Us fans of WB teen dramas are still wiping up our nostalgia-drool over the hotly-anticipated Gilmore Girls reunion. Now come rumors that the Power of Three might come back to TV!

Flashback to October 2013: Entertainment Weekly announced that CBS TV Studios had given a script deal to Chris Keyser (Party of Five) and Sydney Sidner to write new episodes for the show, which would focus on four sisters using their witchy powers to combat the forces of evil.

Back then, Phoebe — I mean Alyssa Milano — tweeted that she was game for a reunion, and it looked like Shannen Doherty was keen to astral project back to the Halliwell manor!

Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty 30 October 2013 Twitter conversation

The Elders must not have been pleased with this! Last weekend, Milano shared with her fans via Twitter that, while she was aware of the reboot in the works, none of the Halliwell sisters had signed on to the project:

Alyssa Milano March 5th 2016 Tweet

I think we can trust Phoebe on this one — after all, she does have the power of premonition! Will the potential reboot have the same charm without the original cast? Fans are left scrying the Internet for answers until more details are announced by CBS Studios. Until then, summon my Whitelighter: All this “will-they-or-won’t-they” is giving me a magical headache.

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