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If you’re a fan of The Bachelor, you know that it always helps to have a sob story. On reality TV, a “complicated” past means more airtime because that’s what America wants to see and producers know it. On last night’s “Women Tell All” episode of The Bachelor, however, the world “complicated” was used by host Chris Harrison in what came off as a not so flattering way, and some people really had a problem with it. Our girl Amy Schumer, never one to shy away from expressing herself, took to Twitter to call out Harrison.

Here’s what went down on “Women Tell All.” Former contestant Jubilee Sharpe joined Harrison in the hot seat. During the course of this season, it was revealed that Jubilee had lived through a traumatic childhood —she was the only surviving member of her immediate biological family— and this made it hard for her to connect emotionally with others, including Boring Bachelor Ben.

While talking to Harrison about sharing her past with Ben, Jubilee said. "I was terrified because you know, that's not the basis for a romantic relationship. 'Hey Ben, my whole family died, let's make out.' And he reacted better than I ever could have imagined.” That’s when Harrison switched into therapist mode, a move that always annoys me and makes me scream at the TV, “YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO GIVE THESE POOR WOMEN ADVICE!” Harrison told Jubilee that he knows that she can’t control how complicated she is, but that she should take comfort in the fact that a guy as great as Ben cared about her. Yeah Jubilee, you’re life might be messy, but guess what? It’s okay because a boring-ass man liked you. Rejoice!

Along with hopefully many women across America —though not the women in the studio audience who all seemed to be wiping away tears and nodding at Harrison’s words of wisdom— Amy Schumer thought Harrison was saying all the wrong things. Here’s what she had to say.


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Girl get it. Schumer is all about embracing the complexity of women like with her Pirelli calendar photo, which she captioned "Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless woman." We have got to stop telling women that being complicated is a bad thing. Human beings are complicated because guess what? Life is fucking complicated. Also stop sending us a mixed message by putting the most complicated of us on reality TV and then condemning us for being that way. That just ain't right.

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