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There are few thing more exciting the buzz surrounding the Gilmore Girls revival. The number one question on everyone’s mind: Will Melissa McCarthy appear on the new season? Let’s be real: I’m not sure it can even be Stars Hollow without Sookie. And the future of the Dragonfly Inn? What’s to come of that in her absence?

You can imagine our delight when Yanic Truesdale, signed on to return to his cheeky role as concierge Michel, posted a selfie on Instagram with McCarthy over the weekend. Tactfully captioned, “Scotch, great meal and catching up with my old friend @melissamccarthy, can't ask for more! Dont read anything into it guys.”

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But like, how could you not? It would lead you to think they’re just being coy. While we’ve been told not to get our hopes up, it’s difficult not to when they’re literally dangling their friendship in our face. And what about Lorelai? How will the voice of her character change without her saucy BFF to keep her sane? The meetup, if anything, indicates exactly what you’d expect: Melissa McCarthy is a perfectly sweet angel who everyone loves. Even if she doesn’t return to the series, we can at least rest easy knowing it’s because she’s super famous and super busy and not because there’s any ill will against her.


In honor of possibilities, please enjoy a playfully dramatic scene. Sookie asks, "How's my acting?" We think it's great!

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