For the past few weeks, Gilmore Girls fans have been inundated with exciting little nuggets of information about who will be back in the upcoming Netflix revival. We were all excited when we found out Lane was coming back, and Paris, and of course the little weirdo Kirk, but the most recently revealed returning cast member has us praising the hat-rocking goddess that is Amy Sherman-Palladino. I’m telling you, this reveal makes the news that all three of Rory’s men are returning look like a completely unimportant footnote. This returning character is the real star. Are you ready for this life-changing news? Okay, here it is.

Yesterday, it was announced that fan-favorite Paul Anka the dog will be back in the Netflix revival! Can you believe it?


gilmore girls gwen gavin 02

In case you need a refresher—though I really doubt it because let’s be real, Paul Anka stole the show—here’s a rundown of this character’s background. In season 6, Lorelai adopted Paul Anka to help her cope with her temporary estrangement from Rory. It was a rough storyline for us all, but Paul Anka the dog helped us get through it. Dogs, even fictional ones, are cool like that. 

The biggest question now is, will Paul Anka be played by the same dog-actor? I hate to even bring this up, but is that dog still even alive? Maybe we shouldn’t even go there and just enjoy the news that the pooch will be returning with all his adorable quirks. Remember how he was afraid of stairs? Precious.


Images via Facebook/Gilmore Girls, Lovelace Media 

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