Broad City has blessed us with this clip from season three ahead of tonight's premiere, and let me tell you, it is a veritable treasure trove of comedic moments. The clip shows a split screen of Abbi and Ilana's bathrooms, giving us a window into what they've been up to since we last saw them in season two. We're pumped for season three: join us at the PUSSYPOWER Broad City premiere party in Brooklyn tonight!

Here are the best moments from the scene, in chronological order:


1. Ilana eating pizza in the bathroom

2. Illana doing a breast self-exam and reminding us that we should probably be doing that regularly too...

3. Bevers trying on a dress that looks a lot like Abbi's blue bandage dress. Maybe he just admires her style?

4. Abbi reading Hillary Clinton's Living History (we assume she already read Hard Choices and is back for more).

5. Ilana reading what is almost certainly Abbi's copy of Living History.

6. Did we just finally see Bevvers' girlfriend?!

7. Abbi kisses her negative pregnancy test and then realized she put her mouth on a pee stick.

8. Ilana flatirons her pubic hair.


9. Ilana Nairs her bellybutton hair.

10. Abbi and Ilana's Valentine's Day BFF chocolate hearts.

11. Ilana looks aghast at her pregnancy test result. Is it positive?

12. The rat in Ilana's bathroom


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