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Last weekend's Saturday Night Live lampooned the media's shock after Beyoncé dropped her "Formation" video in a sketch called "The Day Beyoncé Turned Black." The sketch, which takes the form of a horror movie trailer, shows white people reacting with incredulity and horror to Beyoncé's "Formation" video, in which she celebrates her blackness.

The most shocking thing for these white people is learning that Beyoncé is, in fact, black: something their obsession with her caused them to overlook somehow. This sketch is a spot-on dig at Beyoncé's white fans who, in their rush to embrace her as a queen, may have been whitewashing her. Take this A+ exchange from the sketch for example: "Maybe this song isn't for us?" "But usually everything is!". SNL's criticism of the general public's opinions is still on point since their last sketch, "The Beygency."


And check out our current cover gal Jessica Williams breaking down Beyoncé's halftime show on The Daily Show:



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