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We've been talking about it for months, and things are finally REALLY happening. The preparations for Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival are in full swing people. Every day there's a new piece of news about who's returning, and the stars have taken to Twitter and Instagram to share what's going on behind the scenes. We scoured the internet looking for any and all photos from the cast and have compiled them here for your viewing pleasure. Grab yourself some take-out from Al's Pancake World, sit back, and enjoy. 

Lukes Diner


Luke's diner is still open! His coffee is surely still fueling the citizens of Stars Hollow.

Lukes Tools

Luke is clearly as hyper-masculine as ever.


Michel is back! Unlike Michel, Yanic Truesdale looks super happy to be working with Lauren Graham as Lorelai again.


Truesdale also gave us a peek into a read through. Love the flowers. So Michel.


Liza Wells (Paris) is back on set! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

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This is an AMAZING photo of Scott Patterson (Luke) chillin' with the goddess herself Amy Sherman Palladino, who is rockin one of her signiture sweet lids. 


Jess copy

Everyone's favorite bad boy Jess, played by Milo Ventimiglia, is also back! Yum. Yum.

Lauren Graham copy

Lauren Graham looking precious in this selfie. Love that she stole this jacket. It seems like a very Lorelai move.


Sean Gunn actually posted this to Twitter months before the revival was confirmed. It has since been confirmed that Kirk will be returning, which is extremely important news.


My absolutely favorite couple from the show is reunited. Paris and Doyle 4eva!

All images via Twitter 

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