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The Instagram account danascullystyle takes Dana Scully Barbie off the shelf and puts her in action, where she belongs. Scully Barbie is part of the X-Files Mulder and Scully Barbie set, which is a real thing you need to buy. This awesome Instagram poses Scully in a variety of scenes from investigating ectoplasmic manifestations and conducting autopsies to snuggling up with Mulder. We need more Barbies of badass female TV characters.

Check out some of the awesome pics below:


1. Scully is never off the clock when there are X-Files to be solved.

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2. Just a little light reading.

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3. Blood-splattered Dana Scully, M.D. is metal as fuck.

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4. Scully calling Mulder to tell him not to jump to supernatural conclusions.

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5. What she's saying: Federal agent! What she's thinking: Check yourself, bitch.

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6. The OG OTP settles in for a night of Netflix and Chill.

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Images Via Instagram/danascullystyle

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