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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler slayed as the hosts of SNL on December 19. We knew they were going to be good, but they blew our minds with just how good they were. One of the most important sketches was “Tina & Amy’s Dope Squad.” And no, it isn’t the basic Taylor Swift kind of squad.

The sketch begins with Tina and Amy in a press interview for Sisters, talking to a reporter from Pop News Daily After Show Podcast.JPEG (a fine publication, no doubt), played by Aidy Bryant, about how they do it all. Amy responds, “You know, we just have a great squad of people who help us out.” The reporter starts gushing, “Oh yeah, a squad of models and starlets.” “No. It’s not like that,” Tina fires back.

Cue the music as Tina and Amy, toting big guns and clad in black leather, list all the people who really help them be the bosses that they are: nannies, their shared gynecologist (!), the lady at the diner who knows their order, and, oh yeah, AMY SCHUMER.

These females are strong as hell.



Image Via Saturday Night Live/NBC


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