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Saturday Night Live aired a sexist and unfunny sketch last Saturday demeaning female tech reporters. In the sketch, which aired during Weekend Update in the Ryan Gosling/Leon Bridges episode, Cecily Strong played a tech reporter from Glamour named Jill Davenport who couldn’t stop giggling and flirting with Colin Jost long enough to say anything about tech. This enforces the totally bullshit stereotype that female journalists can’t focus on their jobs when there are men around to flirt with. Hollywood already seems to think that a female journalist can’t do her job without sleeping with her male co-workers. Also, this sketch makes the female journalists who write about tech who are doing great work at Glamour look bad. Female-centric publications (including BUST) can and do write great tech coverage.

I can’t believe that the (mostly male) SNL writers' room thought that “haha how can a girl be a serious tech reporter” was a funny premise for a joke. Shame on them. Thanks for making talented women working in a male-dominated branch of journalism look unprofessional. Just let women journalists do their jobs, and while you're at it, pay us the same as our male co-workers.

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