In the latest episode of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner parades Julianne Moore through Times Square as she performs monologues from her films. But instead of getting a paycheck, she’s working for tips and competing with creepy fake Elmos. This is possibly the most uncomfortable Billy on the Street video yet, and that's saying something. Moore pulls some emotional punches and even cries in front of strangers. She also does a monologue from The Big Lebowski that involves a lecture about vaginas.

Props to Eichner for making some kissing teens feel awkward. How dare they not tip an Academy Award-winning actress? My favorite moment was when a baffled spiderman gets his customers stolen away as they turn to obsess over Moore. Obviously, Julianne Moore is more talented than aggressive costumed panhandlers any day. 


Image via YouTube/Billy on the Street

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