They don’t say booty unless they’re talking about gold, and they don’t look at chests unless they’re filled with treasure. Who are they? The pirates of Key and Peele’s latest sketch, “Pirate Chantey,” and we love what they stand for! Take a look:

Key and Peele
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 While it’s obvious the sketch is comedic, the topic is quite serious – aiming to educate (mainly men) about issues including rape, sex, harmful language, and gender norms. For instance, one pirate sings about a doctor giving woman news about her inevitable death, and ends the story with, “The scariest part of the story from the start is I bet you assumed the doctor was a man.”


We don’t want to spoil anything further – watch the video if you still haven’t! Hopefully it’ll give you a good (and appreciative) laugh. 

Image via Comedy Central


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