Most of us grew up watching Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty, all of which, unfortunately, manipulate girls into thinking that marrying a prince and becoming a princess is the most surefire way to obtain a happily ever after. Well, Amy Schumer is here to set the record straight.

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In her latest Inside Amy Schumer sketch, Amy, with the help of Tim Gunn as Willenby, the royal attaché, goes from “rancid peasant girl” to royalty in a Disney-esque flash. Hilariously, Amy manages to figure out faster than the rest of the Disney princesses that being in an arranged marriage to someone you can’t stand might not be worth the singing birds and glittery heels. 

In typical Schumer fashion, the sketch touches on the problematic age of most Disney princesses: underage teenagers. Ew! 

Thank you, Amy, for reminding us that despite what Disney presumes is the "right" way of finding our happily ever after, we can all go about it however we damn well please. 



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