"Mulder, it's me. Are you ready?"

The above was tweeted by Gillian Anderson earlier last week to her past co-star David Duchovny. The gods have spoken and after a thirteen year commercial break Anderson and Duchovny will be working with FOX to create six new episodes of the X-Files! Yes, we're all a bit nervous about how this is going to go down, but to be honest each of us who were birthed while their parents were watching the cult-favorite began hyperventilating when we saw the news hit bandwidth ( or was that just me?)


At BUST we're particularly excited about this because it means when the new episodes air an entirely new generation of girls will witness the incredible, feminist icon Agent Dana Scully rule with her wit, kick serious ass, and take no prisoners. Here are some reasons we love Saint Scully-Anderson: 

1.) Scully had some of the best feminist quotes from 90s television: 

and she still does...

 2.) From red hair to pantsuits, her style was wor-chic and she always rocked it.

3.) Her intelligence and skepticism were undeniably on point at all times. 

4.) The stank-eye game was also always strong...

5.) ...But so was the coy half-smile.

6.) Even when ill, Scully never let Mulder or anyone else she loved down. 


7.) She could use a gun and still kick-ass without it. 

8.) She was downright powerful 99% of the time. 

 9.) We waited through a thousands of these:

for one of these...

10.) and Scully still proved that she didn't need a man to be a leading lady, 'holla! 


Images c/o TV.com, FOX, Photobucket, and giphy.