Do you love Broad City? Let me rephrase: Are Abbi and Ilana all you think about, and do you want to be their best friend and go everywhere they go and do everything they do? Okay, maybe life will never be that perfect, but with this Broad City Map it can come pretty damn close. Get your friends together for a Broad City tour and visit all the places these crazy ladies have done funny things together. From a manhole in Chinatown to The New York Harbor, this map is your key to all good things.

Here they are waiting for a subway at 8th St

Abbi making a toast at City Hall restaurant Octavia

Ilana tree hugging in Prospect Park

Who wouldn't toss these drummers a dollar? 

Abbi and Ilana take on the subway - We know we've all been there.  

Images via Comedy Central, Tumblr, YouTube