Last Saturday night brought an evening of laughs as the world tuned into the 40th anniversary of SNL. The marathon-length show averaged 23.1 million viewers, more views than an NBC primetime telecast (aside from the Super Bowl) in over a decade. The legion of actors include audience favorites such as Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, and many more.

But the best moment of the night–and of our entire week–was a new installment of a fan-favorite sketch, “The Californians,” which is notably funnier for the constant character breaks by cast members than it is for the actual content. (That being said, this particular soap opera characterization of wealthy Californian living has a kind of surreal truth to it.) 


In the sketch, Karina (Wiig) and Devin (Hader) are in the house, discussing the upcoming family reunion and Karina’s pregnancy (which is assumed to be Devin’s baby.) A series of gaffs introduce Craig/Greg (Cooper), the poolboy, who just got out of juvy, and the assumed-deceased Aunt Lana (White), who survived an air balloon accident. It’s finally revealed that Aunt Lana had a romance with the balloon operator, and this is when White and Cooper embrace in a passionate kiss. And it is amazing.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t like "The Californians", or even SNL as a whole; this moment is downright amazing. And if Betty White hasn’t won your heart yet... well, she really should have, but here, take this clip as your definitive proof:

Image via YouTube