Great news, trekkies: Voyager celebrates its 20th anniversary today! January 16th of 1995 marked the first episode of this intrepid series. This is especially exciting as it also marks the anniversary of the appearance of Star Trek’s first female captain and star of Voyager, Kathryn Janeway, played by Kate Mulgrew.

Star Trek has had female captains before Janeway, but she was the only woman to serve as the lead character in a series. She later went on to become a Starfleet Admiral. Whether you loved or hated Voyager, you gotta admit that Janeway was a pretty kickass captain: finding herself under tough, near-impossible circumstances literally all the time and having no reliable sources of help from the outside made for some sticky situations, but she did what was necessary and came through for her ship. And damn if she didn’t love her coffee. “Coffee. The finest organic suspension ever devised...”



Image via TrekCore