We were so ready for Broad City to come back. It’s like the weird but awesome BFFs you made in college are swinging back into town you just know something insane is about to go down once a week for a while. And now that Comedy Central is definitely renewing our gal pal duo for a third season, we can relaxed about potential separation anxiety. #FTW

But there is EVEN MORE AWESOME NEWS on the Broad City front: a brand new app called the Broad City Keyboard is going to bring your favorite characters into every day life by adding awesome BC emojis to a smartphone near you (hint: we're talking about your own phone). Featured emojis include Lincoln, Garol eating yogurt, a condom, and a rotisserie chicken (you’re welcome, Bevvers.) And remember that dream sequence when the girls hit up a bank to the tune of Drake’s “Started From The Bottom”? Yes, that is also included in GIF form (you are allowed allowed to exclaim “eight f***ing thousand dollars” at this point. I did).


The app will be updated every Thursday with new material from the previous night’s episode.



From their mini series on YouTube, to those amazing #nicolememos on the official Facebook page, to Ilana’s strange adventure world on her channel, we’ve been watching and re-watching it all. You know where we'll be tonight!

Image via The Colorado Independent