In honor of Portlandia’s 5th season premiere tonight (and for having our favorite feminist bookstore owners, Toni and Candace, kick things off with what's sure to be hilarious sketch) we pulled together a round-up of  top moments from past seasons. From the duo's uber-local chicken escapades to Gathy’s murderous obsession with the band Catnap, there are just too many gloriously strange Portlandia instances to count—but hey, sometimes you've gotta try, right? Here's to Fred and Carrie! Long live the weirdos!

1. There's no way we could begin with anything but the classic “Put A Bird On It!” video. Bryce Shivers (Fred Armisen) and Lisa Eversman (Carrie Brownstein) convince viewers that adding birds to things (literally, any things) will add the special something everything needs:



2. While Armisen and Brownstein are enough of a dynamic duo to bring anyone near (happy!) tears, when you add in a little Aubrey Plaza and set the scene in the bookstore of Women and Women First, there’s no stopping the show!


3. We’re all about keeping things local around BUST—but in this skit, farm-to-table goes to a whole new level:

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4. Fart jokes, unlike actual farts, never grow old. Cue ROFL:


5. Portlandia is known for its hipsters vibe and folk appeal: In this sketch, Armisen and Brownstein poke fun at real life Portland-esque vibes. It's pretty much magic:

Tune into Portlandia tonight on IFC. We'll be right there with you (sort of) cheering on our former cover girl Carrie from the couch.

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