Zero Motivation is a new film about two young women who perform their mandatory military service as office workers in an army base under a rigid Israeli leader. Tayla Lavie’s black comedy tackles a new approach to the very male-dominated genre of war films, namely a military movie from a female perspective that is also written and directed by a woman. 

The film is broken into three chapters and centers on the power struggles of three females. Two glorified secretaries, Zohar (Dana Ivby) and Daffi (Nelly Tagar), are best friends who dream of completely different scenarios to get out of their time in the military. Zohar, the resident troublemaker, would rather beat her high score in Minesweeper, while Daffi dreams of being transferred to Tel Aviv. Hardworking officer Rama (Shani Klein), dreams of a higher position and respectful military career, but is criticized due to the antics of Zohar.


Zero Motivation was awarded Best Narrative Feature Award at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, and after watching the film, it is easy to see why. The strength of the personal narrative combined with a fine balance of dark and comedic tones, as well as an overall excellent cast, makes this film well worth the watch. 

Lavie's film opens this Wednesday, December 3rd at Film Forum in New York City. Check their website to find a theater near you, and watch the trailer below.