Mike Tyson is getting a new TV show. Why? Because, as he recently told USA Today, he “didn’t have nothing better to do.”

The new animated series “Mike Tyson Mysteries” premiered last night on Adult Swim. The show is a cartoon series that heavily resembles the style of Scooby-Doo, and focuses on Tyson along with a slew of other characters, including a crude and alcoholic pigeon, solving mysteries.


The Upright Citizens Brigade, a sketch comedy group based in NYC and LA, recently used their platform to ask what is up with the media’s willingness to forget about the crimes of famous sex offenders, like Tyson, who was charged and convicted with the rape of an 18-year old girl in 1992, and instead give them TV shows, attention and publicity.


The parody video shows a Foot Locker commercial, among other things, of Tyson apologizing to Evander Holyfield for biting off part of his ear in 1997. Before the video finishes, the actor portraying Tyson tells the audience, “I was paid to apologize to a man I assaulted. It was hilarious. Foot Locker never paid me to apologize to the women I raped though, I guess that wouldn’t sell sneakers.” 

Watch the video “Mike Tyson’s Guide to Recovering from Rape(ing Someone)” below (Trigger warning: mentions of rape).

Image via ABC News.