In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, today is a National No Bra Day. However the hashtag #NoBraDay is becoming sexualized and somehow inviting offensive comments and behavior in the social media universe. Twitter seems to be missing the point.

What some people might not understand about National Bra Day is that it isn’t just about being free from the social protocol of wearing a bra, or as Jess in the TV show New Girl puts it, “boob jail.” It’s about realizing you have comfort where others don’t. Women who have to undergo treatment wear bras for more than support, they wear them because they may be hiding scars or uncomfortable prosthetics and inserts in their bra to make them appear “normal”.


Well, newsflash! Unfortunately, breast cancer is normal. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths and there is no known cause. In 2014, 232,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed, and 2,360 of them will affect men. 

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Although too many are missing the point of #NoBraDay, I can understand why someone would employ the creative idea to raise awareness for the cause. Donating to breast cancer research does more good than telling or showing the world your braless body, but maybe if you take away the physical barrier of a bra for a day you’ll see what it might feel like to be someone who isn’t able to bask in the comfort and freedom of No Bra Day.

Whether we like it or not, offensive campaigns for Breast Cancer research do raise awareness and money for a cure. Please though, know why you are partaking in an issue and try your best to educate those around you about why they are involved too. Breast Cancer isn’t a frivolous issue or something comfortable to enjoy. Be respectful if you are going to use the hashtag.

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