Rosie O'Donnell interviewed writer, producer, actress Lena Dunham earlier this week on The View about her new book "Not That Kind of Girl", which just came out September 30 after much anticipation from fans and tons of rave reviews from critics. In the interview, the two talk about their friendship with the late Nora Ephron and the profound impact she had on Dunham in that short time.

Dunham also touches on the term TMI- and how it's never used in regards to men sharing their stories. The whole interview is a humble and personable portrait of the talented and hilarious Dunham, who admits her flaws (her father has to remind her not to treat her family like characters in her script), pays credit to her support systems, and describes how writing the book helped her process her past life experiences like a kind of catharsis.


Watch the full interview below! 


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