Lifetime premiers a new docu-series on November 25 at 10pm about women deciding if they will devote the rest of their lives to God! The Sisterhood will span over six episodes that follow five young ladies as they consider taking the habit. This is a big deal considering it will reveal the hardships of devoting yourself to God and the Catholic church permanently (including what is involved in that decision).

This is also the first time ever that cameras have been allowed in these convents. It makes sense that The Sisterhood is being produced by Shannon and Eric Evangelista, the creators of the show Breaking Amish, another reality show that follows religious lifestyles. Viewers will get an inside look at the discernment phase, which is the crucial period where the women will decide if being a Catholic nun is their calling in life, and if they will continue in the convents. 


These women all have relationships and interests that they must let go of in order to search for their purpose. Christie, Claire, Eseni, Francesca, and Stacey, all have different backgrounds, tastes in music and passions, but they all share one desire: to be devoted to the church and be married to God. It is what ties them together and tests their limits. The five women visit three different convents in New York, Chicago, and Walton, Kentucky.

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They will have to observe of the sacred vow of chastity, poverty, and obedience, and leave behind their families, friends, romances, and material belongings. They will live and work together to understand the desire to be a nun, and to solidify if it is their fate. I imagine the show will cause you to question your own beliefs, religious or not, and make you consider if you could give up so much in your own life. Overall, I am sure the viewers will get a new perspective of a life they hardly understood or considered before. 

Images via Lifetime. 

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