College Humor needs to stop downplaying the greatness that is this music video! The new black and white short video titled, "Sexually Enlightened R&B Song," can and should be covered by John Legend in the near future (seriously John, this is me asking you to cover this song, please, please, please!). The song is performed by Phil Jackson, who says he will do his lady (played by Briana King) “socio-politically” right. Right on!

The confessions, admiration, and respect that this song shows for ladies everywhere is on point. And it only gets better with each line. Throughout the video there are some brilliant props, from the books on the nightstand (including the wonderfully titled YOUR BODIES ARE BOTH WONDERLANDS), the Rosie the Riveter Poster on the wall, 100 dollar bills with Beyoncé’s face on it, and the Sexual Freedom magazine that the two read together in bed. Hell yes! I can’t wait for Beyoncé money!


The male commenters on the site love this video too! From saying the song would have saved their relationships if it came out sooner, to admitting their excitement about engagement rings for men. Well done College Humor! And I'm serious John Legend, put this on your next album. 

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Watch this piece of brilliance over and over again until you can convince some friends to start serenading you and reenacting the magic that is this video. (Also have fun reading the comments.)

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Images via College Humor. 

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