You might not be recording Lifetime’s new reality makeover show, Girlfriend Intervention. And that’s okay. What you should watch, though, is the hilarious parody below.


The tagline for the original show is pretty self-explanatory: “Inside every white girl is a strong black woman ready to bust out.” So, four experts assist with the usual lifestyle improvement that has been the norm since Stacy and Clinton were telling you What Not to Wear: just change your makeup, clothes, and kitchen to start living a more healthy and fulfilled life.

The twist in Girlfriend Intervention is that the experts are all black women and use eye-shadow, high heels, and stereotypes of women of color to imbue self-confidence into their clients — a premise that Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams find ignorant and ridiculous enough to merit a parody in response.

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Williams, a correspondent at The Daily Show, who has lately been calling out cat-callers, has teamed up with Robinson of and scouted out Union Square white women who need their own “girlfriend intervention.”

Actually, I would love an intervention by these cheeky hosts who ask unsuspecting Whole Foods shoppers to wear headphones “like a black girl” and deliver their congratulations for lifestyle improvement with a bottle of cocoa butter. Not because I especially love cocoa butter, but because advice from them would be golden: they are doing what they love and making the world a better place by doing it.

Try harder next time, Lifetime. In the meantime, Williams and Robinson will be doing monthly videos together. Thanks!

Images and video via Blaria and Lifetime. 

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