The real world can be tough on a girl!  Luckily, you can go through your everyday trials with Adult Wednesday Addams, who now lives in L.A. and deals with all of that familiar craziness of young-adulthood — with her own personal flair, of course. 

Melissa Hunter writes and stars in the weekly YouTube series Adult Wednesday Addams, a show which features everything from apartment hunting (ep. 1), interviewing for a job (ep. 2), and online dating (ep. 3) to walking the dog (ep. 4), one night stands (ep. 5), and visits to Planned Parenthood (ep. 6). As always, Wednesday greets every trial with a dour eye and more than a hint of a morbid outlook. It is hilarious. 


My favorite episode is her visit to Planned Parenthood, where she comes up with the ultimate response to a pro-life protester:


Of course, I recommend that you watch the series from the beginning. It isn’t too time-consuming, since each episode is only a few minutes long!

And just in case you need a bit more of a Wednesday Addams fix: 

Images courtesy of Melissa Hunter on YouTube.