Okay, so I'm guessing that if you have a TV or any access to the Internet, then you've probably heard about Elaine Stritch. Recently, the 89-year-old actress/genius visited the Today Show and uttered the word "fuck" on live television. As you can imagine, the clip went viral.


Whoddathunk that when you bring one of the funniest women in the entertainment business onto a live TV program, she's going to speak her mind? (Or in this case, just do whatever the FUCK she wants.) I mean, this is Elaine Stritch. She's been Broadway royalty since the late '40s and has won over not just theater audiences, but TV and movie viewers with a style (that usually involves wearing no pants) all her own. Stritch's style of candid comedy and spunky theatricality has won her countless Tony and Emmy nominations and wins, as well as our hearts.

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Frankly, I think this whole controversy is kind of silly, but as long as it attracts more attention to this accomplished thespian, then I'm all for it. If you're as fascinated by this spirited entertainer as I am, then watch her new documentary, Shoot Me, which focuses on her life and storied career. Make sure to check out the website for a  screening near you! And to read a review of this cramazing film, check out BUST's Feb/March issue, on stands NOW.

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Nina Karina is a writer and librarian based in Athens, GA. In her free time you can find her reading through a stack of overdue library books or rewatching Greta Gerwig movies.You can find her at ninakarina.com

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