In "things that should have happened ten years ago but are just happening now" news, Saturday Night Live has finally auditioned black female cast members. 

When Kerry Washington hosted last month, the writers addressed the long-standing issue with a tongue-in-cheek statement about the show being a white-guy-fest, but actions speak louder than words--and action there was not!


But now it's being revealed that a sold-out showcase in Los Angeles last weekend was, in fact, an SNL hunt for a black female comedian to add to the cast. 

According to The Cut, the showcase included "Bresha Webb, Nicole Byer, Amber Ruffin, Simone Shepherd, Tiffany Haddish, LaKendra Tookes, Damirra Brunson, Azie Dungey, Beth Payne, Misty Monroe, and Gabrielle Dennis."

Oh heck yaw. 

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But the rad-factor doesn't end there! SNL creator Lorne Michaels spoke with The New York Times yesterday and said "as many as two performers could potentially be considered." That's a lot of hypotheticals, Lorne, but I have faith in you. 

Au revoir to the days of Kenan Thompson in a dress, my friends! It's time for a new SNL-era and it will be filled with Beyonce, Michelle Obama, and Oprah!


Thanks to The Cut and The New York Times

Image via Splitsider/Bresha Webb

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