Doctor Who Turning 50 Gave Us So Many Feels

November 23, 2013 will be a day forever fixed in time and space for Doctor Who fans--or Whovians, as they affectionately call themselves. Saturday the 23rd marked the 50th anniversary of the dearly beloved and longest running sci-fi show of all time. 

Such a special occasion was this that at precisely 2:50 P.M. (EST), the show was simulcast in theaters across 80 countries. For those who love the time lord and his Tardis (the blue police box he travels in), it was an event as spectacular as Christmas, your birthday, and the Super Bowl all rolled into one.


For that reason, no cold winds or low temperatures could hold back the Whovians (some in costume!) from getting to the E-Walk Theater on 42nd street in New York City. They gathered to watch the latest adventure and find answers to questions that have been lingering since the last episode aired over six months ago. 

Fans knew that David Tennant and the current 11th Doctor Matt Smith would both make appearances, and that John Hurt would also play a major role--but how would they all be able to get together at one time? Would they battle those hideous Zygons together? Former companion Rose Tyler (played by Billie Piper) was also to make an appearance, but in what way? As you can imagine, this was not going to be any normal episode.

Writer Steven Moffat was clearly aware of the historic moment he held in his hands, but made the anticipation completely worth it. The emotional 76 minute episode was filled with nods to the series that left the audience either laughing or crying.

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To avoid spoilers--a grave sin of the Doctor Who universe--here are just a few teasers: We learn about the time lord, and his home planet Gallifrey, than ever before. David Tennant is still popular with the ladies and can totally rock an Elizabethan ruff. John Hurt rocks a fabulous brown leather jacket and wants a big red button. Matt Smith thinks it’s very clever that there is more than one of him (but is it really?) and still loves a fez. And Rose Tyler? Let’s just say she has a new outfit. And of course, the Zygons are way more scary in their modern form. Geronimo!!!

Opera singer Andrew Gray, a long time Whovian (His favorite Doctor is Tennant) was thrilled with the episode. After the screening, he was clearly still shaken: “I could not be happier. It appealed to my geek side and I was so curious to see how they bring all the Doctors together without the world exploding, and it was an amazing saga. I am overwhelmed, and as an opera singer I am all about the drama and this was it.”

Writer Ruby Karp also gushed: “It was amazing! And intense, in the best way. This is the best episode of Doctor Who. It was amazing to see the doctors interacting with each other and see them work together.”

Alexandra Bradbury, a Whovian so dedicated she brought her own cutout K-9 police box to the screening thought it was “A wonderful and satisfying episode with great surprises. I love the show because it deals with moral complexity in an archaic way and this episode touched on those themes in a very interesting way.”

Of course, any proper fan was looking forward to getting home and watching the whole episode again on BBC America when it aired at 7 pm that evening. After all, they might have missed a nod or gesture. And we can’t have that – the universe might collapse.

By Julide Tanriverdi

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