Summer Heights High's Ja'mie Gets Her Own Spinoff

Guys, I’m crying rainbows. I don’t think you understand how much this new spinoff means to me. Ja’mie King, the teen queen with a stank-ass attitude from Summer Heights High, is getting her own television show. This news is so perfect, I could scream from excitement. 

Ja’mie’s character is crass, and she's the ultimate stereotype of a “popular, mean girl.” Her new mockumentary style show, Ja’mie: Private School Girl, will be a series of six 30-minute episodes. The show will center on Ja’mie’s final year at Hilford Girls Grammar School. As Ja’mie refers to herself as “Ja’miezing” (a play on her name and the word “amazing”), constantly flirts with guys, and scolds girls from left to right on her school’s campus, you can’t help but have a deep love/hate relationship with the girl. Check out the trailer for her new show below!


For those who don’t know the wonderful Ja’mie, her character was created back in 2005 by comedic genius Chris Lilley as part of the Australian series, We Can Be Heroes, but she then skyrocketed to fame in the British series, Summer Heights High. For a small crash course on Ja’mie, check out this “Best of” compilation.

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As NME reports, Ja’mie: Private School Girl will air on the Austrailian ABC TV network on October 23rd, and is expected to air on the UK’s BBC Three soon after. Splitsider’s website also notes that the show can be seen on American airwaves on November 24th on HBO. Luckily, I now have Ja’mie’s new show to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Thanks to NME, Splitsider, and YouTube (1, 2)

Image via NME

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