Comedian Chris Fleming has created a new webseries entitled Gayle. With a new episode every Sunday, viewers are asked to enter the world of affluent suburbanite mom Gayle, a woman who combines an air of hoity toity superiority with the drive and discipline of a drill sergeant. In other words, she’s laugh-out-loud hilarious. 


Gayle snorts Kashi cereal and powerwalks. Her life is filled the staples of a stereotypical wealthy American family: cookie sheets, spin classes, kayaks, cheese knives and gouda. A total overachiever in life and in her parenting style, she kicks her daughter out of the house for falling short of earning a valedictorian title and admits to kidnapping her "son" because she liked his broad shoulders. Both children are named after successful radio hosts: the girl is Terry Gross, and the boy is Ira Glass. 


Fleming Poses for Photographer Ryan Schude 



Watch the first episode below, and check out the other episodes here. Let us know what you think in the comments!




Thanks to Chuntzit 

Photo via Chuntzit, Ryan Schude

Video via YouTube