Sarah Silverman recently illuminated the internet about the 14-years she spent with her dog, Duck, through a beautifully-written, heartfelt obituary that sometimes even the best of people don’t receive. Silverman wrote about how they first met at a no-kill animal shelter in Van Nuys, CA, where Duck was placed after being found running through South Central Los Angeles without any form of identification. She detailed how happy, yet stoic, he was, and how much he just loved love and life.


Silverman remembered, all the nights they spent together, and all the lazy afternoons that followed. In recent years, Duck developed complications with vision, hearing, and mobility.  Yet, they both looked past them and helped each other by being there for each other more and more. She became his self-proclaimed seeing-eye person.

In Duck’s final moments, Silverman’s and Duck’s family came together for one last belly rub.


Remembering when you first met, looking past the challenges you both had, and reminiscing those lazy Sundays on the sofa—we think fondly of those moments we spent with friends, and it’s no different when it comes to our pets.

Rest in peace, Duck.



Thanks to Sarah Silverman