Growing up an avid reader, my love for fictional female characters was funneled towards girls who shared my love of literature. Roald Dahl's Matilda was always something of a soul sister, and I found another when I tuned into the WB (guys, remember the WB?!) and met Rory Gilmore.


Gilmore Girls quickly became one of my favorite shows; my mom and I would make plans to watch together and try to imitate the fast-talking, binge-eating, straight-shooting style of Lorelai and Rory. While we weren't always successful in that sense (it definitely helps to have a script writer and editor on your side), one way in which I was able to emulate my favorite television character was through our shared love of books.

A year ago BUST compiled a list of all the books on Rory’s bookshelf, and now, that list is in the form of a comprehensive checklist that allows you to instantly compare your reading résumé with the bookworm herself.  Rory read 339 books in the course of seven seasons. While the timeline is a little skewed, and Rory is, of course, a fictional character, this checklist still made me feel like an underachiever reader.


With a pitiful score of 92 (my score would be much higher if I could include books that are sitting unread on my bookshelf...), I think it's safe to say it's time for me to hit the books. What's your score?


Thanks to List Challenges

Images courtesy of Tumblr

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