AHHHH I’M LIZZING! This is probably the greatest lady news I’ve received all day! The truly special, talented, and hilariously wonderful Tina Fey will be returning home to NBC by hosting Saturday Night Live’s 39th Season Premiere. This will be…wait for it…Tina’s FOURTH time hosting the show she got her start from. On September 28th, Arcade Fire will also join Tina, as SNL’s musical guest. Check out the bumper from SNL's Facebook page below!


Since I was heartbroken when Bill Hader, Fred Amisen, and Jsuds (Jason Sudeikis) left the SNL gang last season, I thought I wasn’t going to be watching the upcoming SNL season. I mean I gave the show a chance after Kristin Wiig left and I was still unsatisfied. But somehow, NBC always knows how to pull me back in.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that newfound twerker Miley Cyrus, will be the host and musical guest on October 5th and action star Bruce Willis will be hosting October 12th alongside Katy Perry as the musical guest.

THR also says that the cast will be gaining five new members, including Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, and Mike O’Brien. O.K. SNL, you’re slowly pulling me back, especially 'cause you got Mike O’Brien.

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In case you don’t know, O’Brien hosts a video show where he invites different celebrities into a closet for “intimate” conversations. It’s actually really hilarious, because he asks the celebs to act something out with him, and he always tries to kiss them because of the childhood game, “Seven Minutes In Heaven.” Nifty, I know! 

Speaking of which, O’Brien had Fey on his show! It’s kinda old, but still it’s worth the watch. 

I simply will not hesitate to miss the SNL kick-off. I practically eat Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon flavored Ben & Jerry’s Greek fro-yo all the time so why wouldn’t I support this funny gal? I’m also praying that she has to kiss O’Brien, just like she did in his Seven Minutes In Heaven.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter and YouTube

Images via The Hollywood Reporter and Facebook

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