Castles tend to stand the tests of time. The visually arresting corridors of Downton Abbey, known in the real world as Highclere Castle, have experienced and seen a lot, but when it comes to dogs (and mud), it's apparently a different story. After a “ruckus” on set, Lady Carnavon, owner of the castle, ordered a ban on all cast members’ dogs. Several canines were getting a little too rowdy, romping and rolling through the set, dragging mud and chewing rugs along the way.  While the Downton dogs may have individual personalities and behavior quirks, Carnavon’s dogs, three Spaniels and two Labradors, have displayed territorial and sometimes jealous feelings towards the actors’ dogs.

Lady Carnavon and her labs, Percy and Bella.


The Earl and Countess of Carnavon need to chill, because the last time I checked, marble doesn’t get stained by mud that easily. Then again, the Downton Abbey cast probably could afford to hire dog walkers.

Roly, the Downton Abbey lab, with Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville)


Personally, having over five-years’ experience looking after dogs of all kinds, this doesn't really sound like a big deal. Dogs will be dogs! If the cast (and maybe the crew) want their dogs around the set, let them be. I’m pretty sure the pups could have done a lot worse. Even in that worst-case-scenario, the Carnavons don’t even have to clean it up themselves. They own a castle. They pay folks to keep that place clean.

All told,  this doggie-related scandal has totally convinced me to start watching the show.

Thanks to The Daily Mail 

Photos via The Daily Puppy