The Hollywood Reporter wrote yesterday that the 30 Rock creator and comedic HBIC has gotten back together with 30 Rock teamsters Matt Hubbard and Robert Carlock for a new comedy that has put networks in a bidding frenzy.

Sounds like music to your ears? Keep reading:


The as yet untitled comedy would take place at a women’s college that has just recently started accepting men. Prediction: hilarity ensues.

As a student at a small liberal arts college at which women outnumber men by a significant margin, I can predict that this show will strike all kinds of chords on the liberal arts circuit. There’s sex, lies and gender studies (hey… title?), not to mention a change of scenery for primetime television.


Having recently sold the rights to a workplace comedy to NBC, this is the second project the Mean Girls and Bossypants writer (and BUST covergirl!) is involved in this development cycle. (No digs on Fey, but how many workplace comedies do we as TV consumers really need?) Personally, I’m way more excited about a TV show that takes viewers to the Ivy-covered walls of the generic liberal arts school at which so many pop culture tropes come of age. 

Fey is set to write this series rather than star, which, while I wouldn’t mind seeing Fey’s face again (not even as an assistant dean? Come on, lady!), just means the show is going to be snart-level funny.

Can’t wait for more news on this one!

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